Until the shadow falls on me

21 Jun

Confused as God

20 Jun

There is no way to measure love

19 Jun

There is no way to measure love

No way to ever understand

We find ourselves in foreign lands

The empty skies above

When we are asked to measure love


How come we didn’t really talk

Like there was nothing left to say

And words would just stand in the way

Of what we truly thought

Is that why we didn’t really talk


When there was so much left to share

Somehow we both conspired to wait

Not knowing we were much too late

We had no time to spare

When there was too much left to share


We find ourselves in foreign lands

The empty skies above

When we are asked to measure love


Don’t ask me to ever measure love

Don’t ask me to ever measure love

Don’t ask me to ever measure love


On Line Invisibility

10 Jun

There appears to be an art to this but twitter, tumblr, facebook, soundcloud and wordpress are all up and running and still Woodmanstone is, to all intents and purposes, invisible.  Certainly wordpress is – no views after three posts. Mmmm.   So … perhaps I don’t want to be seen.  Ah, the old “say you’ve tried and then don’t try quite hard enough trick” –  then you can blame the system that sucks you in and spits you out as unwanted and obscure as Jude in a box.  Except that’s not the case.  Really. I would love to be seen (and heard) by more than friends, 100 paid for likes (that was a terrible mistake and I do regret it but at the time it seemed like a good way to get things moving for less than a round of drinks) and less than a dozen genuine new friends and likes.

So what can I do?

Well…more.  More than I have done anyway; search out more contacts, more places to upload songs, more ‘opportunities’ make more of an effort.

Let’s consider that done.

What else?

Find my own unique USP -what makes Woodmanstone different.  Oh bugger.  Not sure about that. What makes this band ‘different’ from all the others out there, the countless mass of music makers?  I’ve read a thousand blogs (well, four or five)  that say don’t say how great you are or how special or that you don’t sound like anyone else because no-one responds to that.  OK, what is it then?  Well, Woodmanstone do have really good songs and there isn’t a ‘Woodmanstone formula’ which fact alone does makes Woodmanstone really quite unusual. I have to say there is not one band or sound that anyone will commit to saying is like Woodmanstone, not one overarching influence that stands out and can be used as a reference point which is kind of unhelpful. So what do I say – “like a cross between The Beatles and The Smiths…” Just the two greatest bands in British pop rock history.  That’ll work!

What else can I sell ?  Ah, I’m twice as old as the average struggling musician.  That’ll work because people are well known for enjoying supporting people looking just a little bit ridiculous for wanting to succeed against all the odds in a world that places ever greater emphasis on the power and beauty of youth.  So, I don’t really want to go down that line as it’s pretty self evident I’m not the young thing that once I was and anyway it’s more than slightly about how we feel rather than what we look like, isn’t it?  It should be.

So, I’ll settle for more of the same and add in some relentless truth about the how and the why and the where. Expect more of that when I work out how much I really want to share!

In the meantime, if you’ve liked a song you’ve heard by Woodmanstone, or anyone else, share it.  It’s easy to do and for the first time in history the little people really can start to take control.  We can run the system rather than let it control us… that’s a pious hope but surely one worth reaching for.

Facebook:   http://www.facebook.com/woodmanstone

www:           http://www.woodmanstone.com

Twitter:      @woodmanstone

Tumblr:      http://woodmanstone.tumblr.com/

Lovers Say Goodbye

20 May



Missing You

19 May

Woodmanstone vs WordPress

19 May

Herein lies the story of woodmanstone, or not, we’ll see …

This will link to the alternate aspects of woodmanstone that can be found online.  Perhaps, as befits the host, this will be a ‘wordier’ vision of the band.

It’s all part of a bigger game – a mission to understand, and become part of, the modern world.

Some hope!